Hero of the Kingdom III


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Lonely Troops

Based in Halič, Slovakia


Release date:

August 30, 2018



Windows, Mac, Linux



English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Turkish, Ukrainian



adventure, role-playing, resource management


Target audience:

casual players


Game modes:

single-player campaign


Game length:

7 – 9 hours game-play time

50+ regions to explore

100+ quests


Regular price:

USD $9.99


Available at:





Hero of the Kingdom III challenges you to travel through the four valleys to save the kingdom from an ancient evil that has shattered the entire region. Although you were raised as a simple hunter by your uncle Brent, your skills, stamina and talent are put to the test as dark forces have ascended across the land and must be fought to restore balance and peace to the world. You, alone, are faced to conquer this evil and you must set out on a long journey across four valleys to battle foes and unexpected enemies. Your courage and your skills will forge a new Hero of the Kingdom should you succeed.




Hero of the Kingdom III is the eighth game developed by Lonely Troops. Development started in August 2015 with a simple goal to improve the series in many aspects: a brand new and unique story, enhanced gameplay with more role-playing elements, more detailed graphics and animations. The public demo version was presented in December 2017. Later, a special cut-scenes were added in order to enhance story-telling. The game was finished in July 2018 and released the next month, after thorough testing phase. The game clearly presents a new quality level in comparison with the two previous Hero of the Kingdom games.



  • Explore the beautiful country of the four valleys.
  • Help people and fulfill many interesting quests.
  • Fight monsters and advance in many skills.
  • Find hundreds of useful hidden items.
  • Reach up to 57 achievements.



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About Lonely Troops


Lonely Troops is an independent game development team from Slovakia. This small two-man team was founded in 2004 by brothers Jaroslav and Tomáš Kurčík. Their goal is to make fun and original computer games for casual players. They have made eight games until now including Hero of the Kingdom III.

Hero of the Kingdom III Credits


Jaroslav Kurčík

Game Design, Programming, Sound Design


Tomáš Kurčík

Game Design, Art, 3D Modeling 








Playable Code


Demo version:

A free demo version is available to download at Steam store page.


Full version:

Full version for review purposes will be delivered upon request. Please, contact the developer by e-mail to info@lonelytrooops.com.


System requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP or newer

Processor: 1 GHz

Memory: 1 GB

Graphics: 128 MB, DirectX 9.0

Hard drive space: 370 MB

Controller: mouse or touch



Operating system: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or newer

Processor: 1 GHz

Memory: 1 GB

Graphics: 128 MB, OpenGL 2.0

Hard drive space: 370 MB



Operating system: A recent Linux distribution

Processor: 1 GHz

Memory: 1 GB

Graphics: 128 MB, OpenGL 2.0

Hard drive space: 370 MB